Friday, April 10, 2009

Give Them Hope - "The People's Replies"

I was deeply moved to post this comment to view my point in posting this "Voted Best Email of the Year" and also need to know your reactions too.

People need to feel and experienced bad (failures, set back, discouragement, etc.) in order for us to learn.

“Most of us don’t learn much when life is going well. Unfortunately, most of us learn our lessons the hard way.”

There is no one on this planet who at some point in their journey has not failed. Every famous inventor has failed. Every world leader has failed. But, a failure is not a person who fails, a failure is the person who does not bounce back.

Negative and difficult things happen to all of us, most of them are mostly or completely out of our control. It's how we react, how we view these circumstances and conditions, that makes the difference between success/prosperity and failure/suffering- and that is completely within our control.

The Pictures:
We do not think in words and phrases, we think only in picture and/or images. Words are the raw materials of thought. Look at this way, when you speak or write, you are in a sense, a projector showing movies in the mind of others. And the pictures were created to determine how you and others react. There's a lot more pictures of suffering people on the planet, and this pictures of suffering people are just a fraction of those.

Dear Conrad:

While Stumbling through the interweb machine, I came upon your website, specifically a page entitled "Give Them Hope". While you share some interesting pictures and quotes with the world, I was quite distraught by some of the things I saw.

First off, you claim that this was "Voted Best Email of the Year". This caught my curiosity, as I doubt many people would enjoy seeing an email that made them feel bad about themselves. I clicked the link, only to find it brought me to the exact same page. A quick Google search informed me that this was not, in fact, voted the best email of the year. In fact, the best email of the year involved pictures of dogs and cats doing silly things in silly hats. Why must you lie on your pathetic website? Do you truly believe that people will look at this every day and think that this is what email should be about?

The next point I would like to touch upon is the suffering picture. Here, you show an Asian man with a lot of plastic bottles being dragged by a bicycle. These bottles are worth money, and a lot of bottles equals a lot of money. It's simple economics, Conrad. We were not seeing "suffering", as you put it, but prosperity. This seems to be quite the opposite of what your picture and quote conveys to the reader.

As I have a full-time job and not much more to say to you, I will call this email finished. Please stop trying to make other people feel bad about themselves while you get paid by advertisers to keep this webpage available. If you truly want to know about suffering, perhaps it's time you stopped hiding behind a computer and got to know REAL suffering. Thanks.

J. S, IV

I have this on my e-mail..and I certainly learned a lot from it..bcoz its true..we try to think about our selves always. We always complain in everything not knowing that we are more fortunate than other people..I guess, CONTENTMENT is the main message. But Contentment doesn't mean doing nothing at all. We must continue aiming high and share every success we have. Success without Selfishness leads to a true Happiness! God Bless Everyone...

An eye opener :)

catherine 5 days ago
Everyday is a treasure to be appreciated and shared.

I am very grateful... that my mother and father did not have sex in an environment that is not conducive to a full and happy life. Sterilize them... one generation and those scenarios would no longer exist. And before you make your rebuttal, think about which scenario is truly heartless, uncivilized and cruel before you cast judgment.

David 5 days ago
The starving ones are photoshopped. I heard it is just some new diet scheme. Like seriously, look at how fat some of those "starving" kids are, they are so big even their belly button extends outward. Learn to lose weight fatties.

Let's take an honest look at your life itself.

What kind of impact is your life having on the world around you? How is the world different as a result of your being here? After you leave this world, what will you leave behind as a legacy and how will people remember you? When you add together your career and all your professional accomplishments, your relationships and all your personal accomplishments, your sense of connection with nature, humanity and God, how would you describe the overall value or meaning of your life?

Is your life on the success curve or the failure curve? Do we need more pictures of suffering people in order to realize our true status?

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